Independent: A letter to my child for Father’s Day: here’s what I want you to know about the life you’re about to live

 Don’t worry about making me and mum proud, we’re proud of you for telling us you’ve pooed. You’ve already won here.


Independent: As a Gender We Men Are in Crisis But Feminism Can Help Us Out

The benefits of feminism aren’t exclusive to women and by embracing the concept men can shed the negative expectations that come with being male.


Independent: Nobody prepared me for the terrifying time my mental health deteriorated – so I want others to know where to turn 
When I sat in a dark room, pulling my own hair out, physically sick at my own reflection, hallucinating, forgetting how to breathe and hearing voices that were convincing me I was worthless, I didn’t know I could be helped


Independent: You might not think Bruce Springsteen discussing his depression is a big deal – but I do
After suffering from my own depression, I had Springsteen’s words ‘It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive’ permanently inked onto my arm; words I thought were written just for me. Now I know they are just as important to ‘the boss’ himself.


Guardian: Zero suicides is an admirable aim but it requires all-out change
We need to start talking about depression, for young men’s sake, in schools and workplaces. Politicians and the media must lead the way.


Independent: I’m celebrating my first Father’s Day – after a suicide attempt, I never thought I would get here
All my life, I wanted to be a dad. But despite wanting nothing more, despite my heart aching for it, when going through my depression, I just couldn’t imagine it.


Huff Post: When Did Being Nasty Become a Career Aspiration?
Good old Katie Hopkins has been at it again, showing off in the playground by flexing her superior trolling muscles.


Huff Post: Publishing the Tragic Image of Aylan Kurdi Was Needed to Spark Action
With the devastating images of Aylan Kurdi making the front pages of the national newspapers this morning, there is a definite sense of change when it comes to the nations understanding and compassion surrounding the dire refugee situation.


Huff Post: Segregation Only Punishes the Victim
Embracing Feminism Can Help Us All


Huff Post: Until We Teach Mental Health in Schools Stigma Will Always Exist
Stigma is a word that is used a lot when talking about mental illness. It is something that we mention as playing a key part in preventing people from getting help, something that needs eradicating completely.


Huff Post: Being a Man

Men. We’re hard and strong. We don’t need help or feel any pain. We’re brave and heroic, powerful and dominant. We control and dictate. We have penises and put them into people. We are leaders. Only, we’re not.


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