Rethink Mental Illness Janey Antoniou Award 2016

Jake was awarded a finalist prize for the Rethink Mental Illness Janey Antoniou Award 2016.

Janey was a dear friend of Rethink Mental Illness and an inspirational colleague who died tragically in hospital in 2010. In her life she worked tirelessly to improve the care of people living with mental health problems and to fight stigma. The awards were created to ensure Janey’s legacy by rewarding those that are continuing her work educating people about mental illness and affecting real change in the mental health sector.

Speaking to YourVoice Magazine, Jake said “I am truly honoured to be a finalist for the Janey Award. I’m incredibly lucky to be in such a privileged position, to go through a suicide attempt and come through the other side. So many people are not as lucky.

If, by speaking about my experiences, I can help other people then I will continue to do so. I am determined to make this world a better place for those who are suffering from mental ill health. I realise that could be a lifetimes worth of work but that is a commitment I am fully prepared for.”

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